• theyoungpoet 10w

    The world seems greener
    Rain falls
    Birds noises become louder
    People are becoming bored off the same repeated actions
    You see the heartless of some
    I mean we all have that in us
    People decide to become judge and jury
    Social media can be so toxic
    Yet some of us spend so much time on there
    We all need a break for a while
    The way we always photograph the good moments.
    I guess it better to be in shadows
    Then to be seen because then you go unnoticed
    A girl screams
    People listen but no help for her
    No one notices someone else’s pain
    Unless it’s right in from of them
    The world is full of people yet we all remain closed off from one another

    ©theyoungpoet -poeticflowerx