• _3am_thoughts 9w

    I can see myself moving away from my body
    Farther and farther with each passing minute
    Oh and there you are, wrapping me in you arms
    How I want to cry, but I’m just thin air.

    A feeling like this is all over
    Those beautiful days we had together
    Endless promises and countless kisses
    At least you let me die in your arms,
    Like you promised me the first time we held our hands.

    Now wait. Is this a dream? Or am I dead?
    Please tell me this is all going to be okay. Will you?
    That this is all a nightmare?
    My heart breaks at the sight of this irony
    “life holding on to death”
    I can see us both, lying still, and I can hear you breath.

    Will you forgive me love? For breaking my promises?
    For leaving you while you’re still alive?
    For the times when I was hard on you? And days where I wasn’t enough?
    You’re rubbing your eyes alreadyIs it morning? I’ve been staring at us for so long now?

    No, please don’t. Please don’t kiss me on my forehead to wake me up.
    You’re crying now. How can I tell you?
    That I will not wake up anytime soon. Not in this lifetime.
    How can I tell you? That today you have to make yourself some coffee.
    Will you make an other promise? This time to yourself?
    That you will move on and be happier?
    Like you always were? That you will keep smiling?

    If I could, will I not wrap you in my cold arms and tell you this is all going to be okay?
    That like the air you breathe, I’ll always be around you?
    That you don’t have to feel lonely because I’m gone?
    And I’ll stay here and listen to you telling me how your day was at work?
    If only I could…will I not?
    And promise me, u won’t cry, at my funeral
    Cuz I would still be holding your little finger, I promise…