• ylviia 10w


    Winter is coming...
    They said and smiled wishing for the beauty of snow and the warmth of hot chocolate
    Everyone standing outside with their big jackets keeping them warm
    The girl with black hair no one dared to talk to
    Standing alone in the corner, matching the cloudy sky
    She was beautiful like winter yet ice cold
    Her touch was like dying inside
    So everyone ignored her
    Her touch was painful and felt like death
    But even a blind man could see she was suffering
    But people were too scared to feel her cold
    So days passes after days
    And just like winter the girl faded when time came
    And as soon as the flowers started to bloom again and the weather started to become warmer
    She was nowhere in sight
    People wondered what happened to her
    But noone really cared because she was a stranger to them
    They only remembered the girl with the long black hair and the cold atmosphere that surrounded her like a shield of ice