• lakshmisundareswaran 10w


    To all of our veterans
    Far and near.
    We thank you for your service
    For all those years.
    You sacrificed your time,
    And some gave your life.
    You preserved our freedom
    By willingly paying the price.
    Many of you
    Were sent overseas.
    You were wounded in battle,
    With scars and disease.
    But courageous and brave,
    You weathered the storm.
    You faced every battle
    With faith and beyond.
    We honor you with joy
    For all that you've done.
    You stood strong for our country,
    For our daughters and sons.
    So no one stands alone,
    We walk hand in hand.
    Remember, we are with you.
    Together we shall stand.
    We salute you today.
    Hear what we say.
    Let our words speak eloquently
    In this special way.
    On this day,
    Let us express our love and thanks
    For the sacrifice you paid.
    You served in honor
    For many years and days,
    And we will never forget
    How you were strong and brave.
    © Lakshmi Sundareswaran