• ratann 6w

    It's International Tea Day

    We celebrate you in various forms and ways everyday,
    For the health conscious you are green,
    For the enthusiasts you are black,
    For the commoners you are just "chai",
    For me ,you are a 'cutting'.

    You are a reason for friends to meet up,
    You are a visitor's best greeting,
    Sometimes you are not even a 'Reason',
    Just plain Default, Involuntary, Unconsciously chosen.

    Some prefer you with sugar,
    Some with lemon and salt,
    I know you like to remain simple,
    But bless us only with your taste,
    For we like altering you basis our need,
    For human we are with a logical brain.

    I know your brother "coffee" is jealous today,
    But it's not his day,
    So let him be.