• ajthewriter 4w

    We have been
    Submerged in teabags
    Tears in the water
    Static in the phone
    Lost without a signal
    A cable car inside a canyon
    Too far from home
    Too far for roaming
    The darkness that turns to light
    Bruise to skin, bruise to lesson
    Both Thick and thin
    We have been
    The tricks and the treats
    The dinner after the fight
    The dinner on the patio
    Candle lit without citronella
    More mistakes we are happy to make
    We have been
    Meals for mosquitoes
    Drunk and in public
    Drunk and obnoxious
    Drunk and courageous
    Drunk and in love
    Drunk and in trouble
    The song we wish would never end
    We have been
    Soulmates, mistaken lovers, enemies, frenemies, and now friends
    Without the judgment
    We have been
    Unmistakably mistaken
    Bacon on the sweet bread good
    Honesty found at the bottom of the coffee pot
    Code in the programming
    Wet dirt sliding down the drain
    Wet hurt sliding down the memory
    Out of our minds, that is,
    Out of our brains