• mandi90 30w

    The Vampires Muse
    Part 5 The Return

    The last leg of the tour was coming up. I noticed we were gonna be in L.A for two nights... "Hmm, maybe I could visit Ophelia" I grabbed my notebook, and began to draw, a few hours passed and I ended up drawing Ophelia. Luna came up behind me. "She's beautiful, who is she?" I put my pencil and notebook down, gesturing to come have a seat. "So?" Luna was curious. "I met the most amazing women a year ago. I took a trip to L.A, and found a dive bar. Went to get a drink, she was the bartender. It sounds silly, but I fell in love with her instantly. "She had a huge smile on her face, her face glowing bright" Awe I never thought the great Lucian would fall in love, especially with a human" My reply was sticking my tongue at her playfully. "I'm only kidding, are you gonna see her again!?" she said excitedly and a little too loud. I hushed her, yes but I have to sneak out after the show. "That sounds exciting, go and get your love" She was such a great, and supportive friend. Now you might be thinking why not get with Luna? Well she was very cute. A slender frame, light blonde hair. She was one of the more innocent looking bandmates I had. She was like the light, in the darkness. However, she was more of a sister. We were very close in that right. After we got done with our set, I was heading back to the bus to freshen up. Anthony hollered "Are you heading to the club?" I lied and turned to him. "Sure, ill see you guys there" after showering I dressed in my guise so no one would know. Headed to the bar, staying in the shadows. Hoping not to startle her. I came up to the bar. She got one glance at me, and walked back. "Wait Ophelia, can I please talk to you!?" hollering over the bar, hoping she heard me. She came back out, with an icy glare. "What do you want blood sucker?" Ouch... name calling isn't nice. "I just wanted to apologize for my actions a year ago. I don't know where my head was" "Can we start over?" I looked at her questionably "Sure, what do you have in mind?" relieved with that answer. "I was thinking about taking you out tomorrow night. Not like a dinner, club thing, I mean seeing the city and maybe a picnic?" Thinking to myself "Who picnics at night?" She smiled and said "Sure, id love to" I smiled, and if my heart still was beating, it would be going crazy. "I'll see tomorrow night then" I walked back to the bus, no one there... Oh I should head to the club. "Texting Luna, to know which club" Headed over to join my friends, of course we were the life of the party. Champagne flowing, gorgeous girls in cages half naked, and dancing. They didn't phase me, but I put on a good face for the band. The next night I dressed a little nicer. Hoping no one would notice me... Headed to the bar, and their she was... In a ravishing little black dress, with a black leather jacket hanging from her shoulders. She even became harder not to stare at... "What?" Ophelia noticed I was staring. "You look great, flashing her a smile" I took her hand, and walked to the park, where we enjoyed a nice night time picnic. "This is really nice" she said with a smile. "I'm glad you are enjoying it" All of sudden I heard a women shriek. I couldn't help but jump a little. "Oh my god its Lucian Darkholm!!!" Oh no, a fan??? Why??? Ophelia looked at me confused, the fan starting running towards us. "Well it's time to go" I grabbed Ophelia's hand, and took her to a tall building. Out on the balcony, both out of breath. "What the hell was that?" Ophelia said breathlessly. "So I haven't been entirely honest...." She looked at me confused. "I'm a huge rock star, ever heard of Plauge of lost souls?" She thought about it for a second, and her eyes became huge. "Your the lead singer?" Ah beautiful and a fan "Yeah, that's me..." She was in shock, but just became close to me on the balcony, and put my arm around her. "Its really beautiful up here" I turned to her, her face aglow from the lights her eyes sparkled, and I kissed her, Soft and passionately. I looked at her face to see her reaction, she smiled. Ophelia this is my last night here... She looked down at the street lights, not saying a word. I.. I Stammering to get my words out. "Would you like to come with me?" What was I asking?? I thought to myself. "I would love to" There it was, I had my soulmate. I told her to pack her stuff, and would come get her when she was done. I took her home, and told her to text me when she was ready. I had to get back in the limo and tell my news to the band. An hour later, checking my phone. No text, or calls. I was surprised, and had a bad feeling. Rushing back to her apartment. Running up to her room, the door was ajar. "Ophelia?" knocking and slowly walking in to not startle her. It was dark, and quite. Finding the light switch. I looked around her living room. It was trashed, there was a struggle... I found on the wall of her bedroom, written in something. "If you want to see your love alive and not bled dry, I suggest you come find me. Sincerely yours Alister" "Alister how dare you!" I cried out.