• wamika 6w


    You tore me up with such ease
    From the notebook of your life
    I'm not shattered,
    I'm not broken
    I'm just surprised

    Your indifference was a shouting sign
    I couldn't help but notice from time to time

    But I would try not to get worked up
    Talk to myself, be my own nurse
    Feed myself with positivity, lied to myself that you still loved me

    When everyday I saw that you didn't see me
    Your hugs were a mere formality, you walked near but not with me

    You had changed, you wanted a different company
    My smile had no effect on you, my sorrow no longer moved you

    I was counting days when you'll finally make up your mind
    And tell me that you were done
    Because I already knew we were close to our end

    This wait is like slow illness, painful and unforgiving
    But who can I blame
    If your feelings for me are fading

    Oh what a gamble love is
    Who knows who wins
    My sin that I played along
    Being the one less fortunate, I should have always known

    But still it hurts
    To see not a single line on your forehead
    As you ask me to vacate your life and play dead

    But here's me wishing you a win
    For when you decide to play again,

    And if ever we again cross paths
    Let's not grow bitterness in our hearts
    I'll still wear my best smile
    And you can put on that expensive tie