• writersattic 50w

    I hope unlike me you do have plans for tonight that don't include scrolling through new year memes. And realizing the only good part of tonight is good food.
    2017 might have caused havoc in your life or it may have brought the best in you. All I can say for 2018 is it is upto you how you let it pass by. Step into this new year with all the happiness you can gather. I wish this new year brings you everything you have ever asked for. All the blessing, joy and peace.
    Resolutions? Just don't hurry everything up and lose your determination at the start. One step at a time and you'd be good to go. Love? It'd come on your way. Again, don't hurry for it. And as for friendship. I'd always be there for you. Just a text or call away.
    I just want to say that you are a beautiful soul and I am a lucky person to know you at all. Just do all that you can and you never wanted to. Take risks. Conquer fear. Love people. Eat a little more. Run away from toxic and poisonous people. Pour your emotions if you want to. Say no if you can't. Grow attitude. Be a badass or be quiet and amazing. Be however you want. Let not people tell you otherwise.
    Just live, little sunflower. And most importantly be happy and love animals.

    Bohot zyda pyaar
    Happy 2018.

    Ruby ♥️