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    When depression hits, we remember every bad steps instead of being optimistic, yeah there are some who can find out a solution but there are many more in this world who are fighting more than a depression, for livelihood, for children, for ragging, for attempting a suicide because of failing in love, exam and whatever and sometimes self doubt..
    why should we ever fall in such a disaster when life gives us the opportunity to learn from mistake and when life give us a power to fight all those odds. Remember, when you try to spoil your life, you are not a human but a Mannequin that stands till the shop close and change dress whenever the shopkeeper want.
    Don't just live to survive but live to life. You deserve more than being a human. We all deserve a finish line where we find satisfaction mind you in good ways.. Well, there is a puzzle god has invented, don't you want to fit in those puzzles? Or you want that puzzle look incomplete?
    Think carefully, when life gives you a burden, try to be optimistic, it's a taste, you need to taste that and pass out in telling what that taste is.
    Life is all about meeting up such challenges, if you give up, remember you are not human because you can't even bear any problems, you are like those Mannequin.. life is smooth if you make every negativity into positive. Remember those great men and women, they all are perfectly fit in that puzzle I mentioned about. Speak out when you are in deep trouble and be with positive vibe instead of grouping with the negative one.. when life gives you a million reason to give up, just make up a million reason to beat that 'up' and give a smile and fight those challenges.
    I know life is not easy like those of film, but remember life's a stage.. we all are actor and I know we can make our own story to make blockbuster not for a year but until we left the earth. Don't miss any chances, take time to grap every opportunity.
    ~~~ a little inspiration for those who's going through some life's breakdown, to be honest m also in depression state for a while that's why my account remain blank for a while�� but yeah! M fine.. we all are devil and an angel�� remember this and show this character in proper time ~~~

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    Stop battling inside your mind, let it flow.

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