• apex34_ 9w

    Marriage Bond

    A wise person would acclaim
    that there are just two crucial days in his life
    The first is the time when until the earth they came
    The last is that day when the thread of life falls upon the knife
    "A third!", "There must be a third", I say
    Sit down and your minds allow me to sway

    It is veritable that life and death are important periods
    "But", I ask for doe-eyed, " shouldn't also when the natural laws fall apart count?"
    When the rules of mathematics are made ridiculous
    That time when two parts become of one heart?

    Marriage is a mystery, that's true
    It needs love and respect to protect
    However, not everything about it is always erect
    For there are periods when the unit is blue

    Still, it must be nice, I always say
    because it would never die
    People remember to always make hay
    while the golden sun does continue to shine.