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    Death is funny.
    Death is certain.
    But unpredictable.
    It's like you know you're going to go.
    But don't know just when.
    It might come when you're in your nineties,
    Or it can come when you're ten.
    Death is both, peace and chaos.
    Because if you die immediately,
    It becomes that enchanting peace.
    Because in that one moment,
    In the fraction of a second,
    You're gone.
    But it's chaos because of the storm it leaves behind.
    Especially when you're young.
    When you're at the prime.
    Brimming with unlimited opportunities.
    And then, boom.
    You're gone.
    Everything is done.
    You're gone.
    In a very horrific manner.
    Your happy go lucky bike ride over the weekend led to your death.
    One moment you were cruising at almost a 120kmph,
    And the next,
    Your brain's opened up in the middle of the road,
    Eyes crushed by some trailer tyre.
    Your torso is torn to such an extent that it's almost like a pancake.
    Your physical self is beyond recognition.
    Your family gets the news of you being dead.
    But all they can recognise in you is your name tattooed on your right forearm.
    And the bracelet that you wear on your wrist.
    And your shoes.
    And your wallet.
    And now your memories.
    Because that's what is left of you.
    After you've left,
    All that's left behind is memories.
    Memories managing to merge your happy, smiling face, with the ultimate mangled mess of what's left of your face.
    Because that's what your family has to deal with.
    That's all you left them with.
    And then suddenly,
    You wake up.
    Because you had a nightmare of a mishap.
    That could've ended exactly like this.
    And now you're glad.
    Glad just to be alive.
    Glad just to be speaking,
    Glad just to be loving someone,
    And glad to be amongst the people alive.
    And then you're glad.
    That you drove safely and didn't manage to die.
    Or even kill your pillion along.
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    Death is funny.
    Death is certain.