• maymarwein 31w

    Silhouette of a Self-Proclaimed Gentleman

    You are a different shade of black,
    So dangerous and so much acquainted to the night;
    Your mind is as deep as the ocean;
    I couldn't resist to swim to the bottom, so
    I swam down below
    Only to drown
    In your hazardous realm
    Of uncertainty and indecisiveness.

    Like a gentle dove
    You preached about Perfect Love,
    You speak like a gentleman
    In a soothing baritone.

    I still have my doubts 'cos
    You wear a different face for a different crowd.

    Dangerous, dangerous man in monochrome,
    You're as puzzling as the conspiracies of Rome.
    Tell me, is it worth it to chase you around?
    When frankly darling, you don't give a damn!