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    It is a good intention to impress none, not everyone is waiting for your lesson, but even your thoughts appear for something to repair. Think about what it could be?

    Your own creation of thought is responsible to pay what it demands within you, except fictional. If you say something wrong to me, either I throw back to you or I'll absorb without any response, but I can do one thing more, that's the case of positive transformation, according to my receiving intention.
    If it's about funny, it's too majestic & feeling sunny, but if you willing to spread your depression, it's something hectic expression, that could be radiated in larger scale or places, if you unable to transform into dilute to eventually dilapidated, then after distributing your own energy will back to you after completing its own orbit.

    Before expecting any great things from you, think first where it could be appropriate to experiment. Unless you'll do some good things to others, how others will know about you, expect nothing from anyone, but the ones who within, to gain respect for you. It's good that you can't feel everything, once you'll start to feel your own vibration; you will have no questions to ask. ��

    It's good to guess something beyond your expectation, but it's better when you try to feel everything within, even when its taste bitter. Now, Blooming like a flower. ��✨
    #sadnesscreepsin #depression #expression #energy
    #healing #tranformation #lifeisnothingbut #vibration �� #thesongsofmylife #smell ����������️����

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