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    write and encourage someone who is not your follower or someone you are following.
    u can search anyone from discover section

    Encouragement, inspiration , Learning and support

    Please let me know, if you don't want to be tagged or you do wish to be tagged.
    Do feel free to tag me and do correct me.
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    Other mirakee account : @danny_a
    Words do make relations.

    Awareness series : wordsforlife
    I am series : iami
    Love series : hatkelove / tumainaurchai / andlove
    Kids poem : nextgenfaltukinder

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    Challenge yourself

    Challenges are going around every now and then..
    why not make this challenge in encouraging others..
    I would like to challenge you with something new.
    Just go to discover section and select any 3 member of our mirakee family who are unknown to you.
     And encourage them with your beautiful words
    Write it short, write it beautifully
    Make them the known identity

    You can say it a challenge or you can say it as family support.
    Please do the needful as we have found our way with our words let these young amazing writers too find their way out