• luci_dark16 11w

    It never ends

    "Please make it an easy sail",
    She wailed as the splinters danced on the surface,
    " Fears devour my soul as the sea howl and melancholy ceases to growl",
    Her each breath a borrowed sigh hinged to the plank of wood that stood strong and unfaze,
    The crimson hue ducked into the surmounting layers of the sea that was high on gail,
    Clutching the sea's veins to turn red and mirror the fiery celebrations above without a debate.

    The shrieking of the waves as it collapsed after its attempt to touch the sky,
    Sent tremors to her already conceading heart,
    "How long is this night going to stay and how much tears of hopelessness I am to pry",
    "You challenge my every ounce of blood and there is no rebate as this is the journey that never ends but fizzles numerous time to start".