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    To my nephews and nieces

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    The Man and The Rainbow

    A man once befriended a rainbow
    After days of incessant rain,
    It surprised and pleased him in his low
    Glimmering upon the golden grain.

    It told him whenever it appears
    The rain shall shower no more;
    Made their way to catch in the river
    Fishes and crabs, and ate by the shore.

    One day, the rainbow reappeared
    And the man was fascinated by its cloak;
    Ripped the goodness of the mellow year
    For the man stole it and the rainbow broke.

    Vengeance filled the bow, the man with fear;
    Swore-man loses his fingers if he draws near,
    So as for man to have colors only with pain,
    But God pitied them and clothed both again.