• instinctviews 22w

    The Games

    Don't know why I was delt these cards.

    This whole game is farce..

    All I got is hearts 

    but you keep throwing darts.

    How you gonna get a spark 

    from a heart covered in darts?

    This game is full of sharks.

    I put up barbs and guards

    to keep away the sharks but I can't escape 

    the darts from sinking to my heart.


    I don't play my king 

    or queen 

    or my ace of hearts.

    I've already lost thrice.

    Like I'm rolling fixed dice.

    You like to play this game with a smiling pokerface.

    But when I turn my back you stab me with your spades.

    The game is all the same so faces start to fade. 

    I sell my hearts for spades to stab you all the same.