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    You open your eyes.
    You have no clue where you are.
    The sun is burning your skin, you feel like you've been under it for hours.
    The sand under your body creates scorching heat, radiation takes over you.
    You struggle to stand on your feet.
    You glance at the front.
    Water. There's only water.
    Little in the beggining.
    You take another look around.
    Your mind orders you to find shelter and food but it's clear, the sand is endless.
    No civilization spotted as far as what meets the eye.
    Not a tree, a shade, something.
    You fall to your knees.
    You feel hopeless in this beach, or oasis, or whatever.
    So you built.
    The sand further is harsher, black, untamed, wild.
    You build where it's safe, but it doesn't feel right.
    You go further, near the beach, you savor it's coolness.
    The slow breeze goes faster slowly.
    A handful of sand is picked up. It's soft, usable.
    You collect another handful from the shore and go a little further, building.
    You think of your next move, to make your base as decorated and beautiful as possible.
    The breeze fastens, a swift wave softens the sand.
    It brings half of your castle down.
    You don't give up, though.
    You don't care.
    Building is the only reason you still stand in this land, what holds you back from drowning.
    Dreaming of your next castle, even if it's on the shore, and you know it will die soon.

    And you build.
    One after another, a different element on this.
    And you build.
    Create new and new, hope that your goal will keep you standing.
    And you combine.
    What didn't survive of your last dream, you rebuilt, combined with harder sand this time.
    And you watch, you watch as they fall by the sea.
    And you build.
    You build as long as it keeps you in this beach, it keeps you on your feet, it keeps you alive, for that matter.