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    This poem was written during an ADHD crash moment not after. I had to push through to write it but when I can do that it helps so much.
    These crazy thoughts and feelings can be described as this: ADHD brain is similar to this description: if you had the best sports car made and were driving it on a straight highway and it is going full force down the highway and then you realize there are no brakes. That is how my brain feels the majority of the time.

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    Perpetual madness of the mind

    I feel lost

    Alone terribly alone,

    Fighting back is getting old.

    I m ready for someone to take my hand, telling me I'm not alone. Tears drop silently down onto the chilly, dark night ground.

    I'm so cold inside my soul, shivering through to my bones. I try to concentrate in hopes this apprehension calms down inside. It's not a physical cold, it's from the inside out.

    Shaky inside from my head to the tips of my toes, my feet, sludging along, as if in quicksand, my brain hurts, throbbing into the secret parts of my very soul.

    Heinous taunts come from the thoughts that aren:t mine, making this world seem unfeeling, not giving me any consolation. Making me stay in this miserable place. No matter how I fight, I cannot leave.

    I'm not fully depressed, that's the whole thing. This crazy disorder Ive dealt with forever is the culprit and stress only magnifies the intensity of the anxiety, depression and ADHD blackness.

    After this feeling leaves, I simply brush it off and go on. It lasts so long; however, I'm always grateful when it's gone.

    Feeling wrung out from the energy it takes to go through what I've described above.

    I'm just pleased it's over, for now anyway, but knowing it will return again soon enough ...

    I cringe ...

    I can handle the hyper moments because I'm at my most creative during those exuberant times.

    I won't sleep for days at a time and I write, write, write my little heart out.

    It:s almost like I'm on drugs, it's euphoric almost! I almost don't want meds for it because of these times.

    No, it's these moments as I related above, that pitches me straight into the pit of hell. The hopeless, dark, cold and lonely world.

    The stronghold is real and harrowing, nevertheless you will feel as if it will never end ...

    ... infinity ...

    I can certainly see how some want to die to get out, yet my soul would never let me take myself away.

    It will last as long as it decides and I'm stuck, riding those crashing waves. Holding on for dear life, as they beat me down, struggling to keep my thoughts mine.

    Slowly it happens, and when it's over, I go back to ordinary things but I know before long, I will be transported back to the blackness.

    God does, thankfully, look out for me during these nosedives into hell, otherwise I know I would never be released ...