• flatfielder 23w


    I will shower you with money with gifts and the likes,
    Come to me baby
    Sugardaddy on the next flight
    Meet me isle one the guy with the open shirt
    Cant wait to see you my anxious little bird

    Sugarbaby will be your role
    You do as being told
    Comfortable living as long as you are in my hold
    Independence no option would stop attempted flight
    You will never outrun me so dont take that bite

    Your spirit of freedom a call for family and friends
    Sugarbaby likes money
    Forever it wont be the best
    Will later take chance to bring me back to the past
    Sugarbaby tells herself

    Pot full of money my reward it will be
    My backaccount popping i can buy that little house
    Still alone and reminiscing thinking
    While staring at that little mouse

    Faustion money if i lost my soul and my glee
    Was that all worth receiving this generous fee?