• rorshak 6w


    Tik-Tok! Tik-Tok! Time flew,

    When, restlessly waiting to see you!

    Emotions all over the place,

    Calm and composed by God's grace.

    In the womb you swirled and curled,

    Finally you were out there to see the world.

    You opened your eyes with fatigue,

    I opened my eyes with intrigue.

    A wonderful creation you were molded into,

    Like you, there are just a few.

    Reaching out my hands to hold you,

    I am so blessed to see your face God drew.

    Your whining and sobbing knowing not why,

    In my arms I held you my cutie pie,

    Your hand grappled around my finger,

    This moment in my mind will forever linger.

    The smile of innocence on your face,

    Will never miss a moment to gaze.

    Excited to see you grow up to be a girl so beautiful,

    If precious would have a definition you will be the rarest jewel.