• shining_scars 10w

    Yes, the people hurt, they scatter you into pieces, they totally break you.
    When you give your attention to the wrong they will totally ruin you. "Be certain to make your priorities." Don't waste the precious time of your life with the unworthy people. Not everyone in this world is meant for us. Never let them to spoil you,shatter you, let them simply go. And one the remarkable thing to do is never agrue with them. What we do reflect our etiquettes and they do shown as well." Make yourself expensive, make yourself worthy, make yourself worthy enough. Never let anyone to chase your good side." We all have a goodness in our hearts. Never ever let anyone to damage you, never let them to blemish your character. Never...
    They all scatter you in fragments.

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    For all the miseries deep inside,
    Scatter you from every side.
    Totally scatter you in fragments,
    How it can heal up ,
    When the world seems to be worthless.
    All the things just make you bored,
    For there is nothing to be scored.
    How can we gather ourselves,
    To the woes that's endless....