• ujalasaxena 30w

    Mirror :)

    What if you see yourself in mirror..
    You will get your own image..
    What if that image you get in someone's words..
    Ohh yes!

    Words were creating the bonds..
    Whenever they share the thoughts..
    It was a mirror..
    A mirror from where they were finding the way of life..
    As if they were exploring somewhere from inside..
    Answering every doubts..
    As if all problems were sorting out..
    That moment the mirror played a great role..
    Images felt as the same souls.
    Unknowingly they were meeting the parts of them..
    The mirror revealed the reality of them..
    Both were the images of each other..
    Met somewhere in the midnights of summer..
    Exploring them from inside & discovering something new from outside..
    Getting to know themself in fear they founded their soul mates in real..
    In the curiosity to see them in the mirror ones..
    They found each other as their loved ones..