• rutvidave 6w

    13th December,2020

    How can i describe your importance in words!!
    You are the only one who teach true meaning of friendship..
    You are the only one with whom i have that much of years of friendship..years of our age..and till our last age it will be always constant..
    Tu etle bdhu j jene nanpan thi aaj din sudhi sath aapnar..
    Tu etle mari bakvas vaat ne sambhrnar..
    Msty ma mja lenar..
    Problem ne solve krnar..
    Mne smjnar..
    Mari saathe rehnar..
    Ne nana ma naani vaat kehnar and mari nana ma naani vaat jannar...
    We are totally different still we are always together...
    22years of friendship and still continue..to count..
    Lots of love dear...
    Aapde ketla years thi sathe.. na bhnie chhie na school ma chhie na class ma chhie naa chat ma vat thaay chhe na daroj mlvanu hoy chhe...still jyare jyare kreli A call prni bdhi j vato..video call ma krela nakhra and taru..mari msty udavanu..all are fabulous for us..mline kareli panchat and bdhi j share kreli vat all are life long process..
    And at the end...
    Love you a lot..
    Thank you for everything..