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    We are all losers somewhere in life, some of whom are trying to forget that defeat and some to convert it into victory.And there are some who are unable to overcome the defeat of their life.

    There is definitely a victory for the loser, whether it is from his/her fate or from a human being. But yes, s/he does win sometimes.

    No human ever wants to lose. Be it alone or in a community. Everyone just wants to win. But I think sometimes defeat is more than victory.

    One defeat can save the relationship, one lost can save life and only one defeat can save this whole world.

    Nowadays everyone is competing with each other for victory, some for their ego, some for their money, some just for their victory.

    The companies are polluting its surroundings for maximum profits. Whether it is air, water or any other natural resource, companies are deteriorating the balance of the entire earth due to adulteration and excessive use it's resources.

    Nations are shedding soldiers' blood for pieces of land among themselves, and only because they want to win over their counterpart, they want success, not defeat.

    But I wish! Someobody ever wants to give up, so that no soldier's blood flows nor does this environment get polluted. And every relationship would be endless and beautiful.

    Hopefully! Sometimes it must happen that someone loses by themselves to win someone.

    "Losers always know the importance of winning more than the winner".

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    It always is harder
    to accept failure
    than to have success.
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