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    Prohibition of meat in Manu Smruti

    In ancient times, India did not have meat. Until the time of the Mahabharata, with the consent of the saints, the system of India, the Vedas, were enacted in accordance with the law, in which meat was strictly forbidden.

    "Killing animals is not just a sacrifice, it is a great sin," he said. The first mantra of the Yajurveda states that the "Jajmanasya Pashun Pahi" should protect the cattle, horses, goats, oxen, etc. of the Jajman and should not be violated. In the ancient Vedic tradition, if there is any doubt about religion and morality, there is a tradition in India that the Vedas are considered to be extreme evidence, which is also supported by manusmriti.

    The prohibition of carnage is mentioned in an important issue in the memory of King Manu :-

    "Anumanta Vishasita Nihanta Kriyabikrayi.Sanskrta chapahantra cha khadakshyeti ghatkaha." (Manusmriti 5/51)

    Legendary scholar Hargobind Shastri,Explaining the verses of this memoir, he wrote ;That allows animals to be killed,Killer,The man who cuts off the dead body,That buys the flesh of the dead, People who sell, The cook, the attendant, and the eater are involved in the sin of murder.

    Bimalendu Padhi