• devesh_yerrapragada 9w


    My Heart Pains, Not in my Sufferings
    But, in the suffering of New Mothers
    They Care and Patiently wait for months
    And in a matter of few minutes
    They See their little ones battling for life
    As soon as the little ones are born

    So small, So Fragile, So Innocent
    Yet, Fighting it Out ;With all Their Might To survive
    In this Dukalayam with their Mothers Love
    Or to hopefully go home to Godhead

    It amazes me, how can a tiny tot
    Go through so much right on Birth
    But there is a thing called "Karma"
    And I wish there Karma ends with the suffering
    If the Lord decides to take them,
    Soon after birth.

    No one can defeat Death
    They say "Young is Healthy"
    But even The Young are subjected
    to the Ultimate Test - "Of Death"
    Such is the fragility of this World

    I Pray and Pray and Pray .
    All these tiny tots, Who cannot go home
    under their Mothers Love,
    Go home back to GodHead
    I begin to realise more and more
    That no one can stay away from Death
    And our time too will come , one day
    So only if we remember his Divine names Everyday
    When we lay hopelessly on our DeathBeds
    We can Remember the Lord
    And hopefully Go Home back to Godhead