• razdan 6w


    I will write you a poem every day, if that's what it will takes.
    I will go as far as to get a few published to prove I'm not fake.
    My feelings are real, you know that it's true.
    You're afraid to accept that I really do love you.
    I will help you forget the hurt in your past.
    Trust that with me, you'll have a love that will last.
    Why waste your time with those who don't care?
    Hurting you is a thought I would never dare.
    I feel all of this pain.
    I sometimes believe all of this is in vain.
    You can't understand why I stay around.
    To you, I say my soul is eternally bound.
    To me, you're an angel, even your name starts with an 'A.'
    If to be with you costs my life, it would be my honor to pay.
    I have so much to write, such little time in the day,
    So I leave you with this promise, I will love you more every day.
    I will love you forever and ever and ever... My little 'A.'