• traceemzchimaobi 4w

    Success by Trace

    The road to success I've been there a million times
    My foot so weary like I've walked a thousand miles
    Their say i Just started and that's their critics
    My destiny got rhythmical taste with thrill lyrics

    But Fear was my Worst friend
    To satisfy parents want another resounding threat
    That long journey, I wish to reach its end
    Even if it is gonna take me down to mother earth

    I believed my mom's God was with me
    I forgot my karma will and must be
    It dawned and caught me unawares
    But I always feigned that I was More aware
    I thought I knew this journey so well
    I had already figured out stories to tell

    When I got to that point of show tell.
    My enemies were so close I heard them echo well
    Fake courage I would always express
    Never went with humility but to impress
    I guess I failed all the rules given
    Like moses I broke the laws even

    My message got to me as like from hagrid to potter
    My best try was not up to a quarter
    I longed to cry but the tears were far gone
    Just felt the deep need to be reborn
    The pain I felt was more than sensation
    To my parents more than enough depression
    I am nothing but a Failure.