• generic 5w

    this may be love

    My mind was wandering,
    But it paused along the way
    To glance upon the day
    That I realized I loved you.
    It had come to me so suddenly,
    Completely out of the blue;
    I held your face in my eyes,
    And I thought, "I would die for you."
    It felt so freeing then,
    Like I'd found something I'd lost.
    I would still die for you now,
    But my dear, I would die for anyone—
    I am after all,
    A soul that exists to perish.
    Is it love that I feel,
    Or the liberation of having found
    A reason to die?
    You must mean more to me than that.
    Love must mean more to me than a mere
    Side effect of misery;
    An antithesis to the emptiness I feel
    When I'm on my own.
    I love you now,
    But will I love you tomorrow
    With the same intensity I felt
    When I first loved you?
    Was that love at all?
    Maybe what I feel
    Has always been an illusion;
    A lie that I repeated so
    You wouldn't leave my side.
    Please don't leave my side.
    Even if all I can offer you are my life
    And a feeling that may not be love;
    Because darling, I'm so afraid
    Of myself when I'm alone.