• sranis 31w

    I'm Atheist I.e. who believes in god. But obviously I don't support any types of blind faith. To me, God is the one who's hope that sets our positive works to its success. God is someone who may be illusion of ours but that illusion. When no one listen to us..or we feel to whom I have to do share my nervousness..god thing came that time to me ...may be, if I'm praying to god that's obviously be one-sided bt still you know, a scientific study says if you 'll say positive things you'll get positive vibes in return..that's motivation to me..as I'm such a positive person...
    So, portrait to me is like the life of human being..everyone's life is a worth..everyone is sent by god in order to make the world a better place to live in...bt we continuously engaged in making it hell...there also, only some portrait get skillful artist who can shape that portrait to a Masterpiece...
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    For the Almighty, every portrait of living being,
    Sent to be a Masterpiece in the essence,
    Bt some don't get skillful artist
    to shape them as such..