• idontwannamissyoutonight 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Staying up at night
    Wanting to be by your side
    It's been a good two years
    Yet I'm still here
    I'm still here in this fantasy world
    The one where you still want me
    Where I'm still your girl
    And all my other relationships have failed
    Because I'm to obsessed with the thought of you to be able to hold anyone else's hand
    I've tried and tried to escape
    But I can't
    And you're sitting rught across from me
    Looking so happy
    I can't help but to think what it would be like
    To be able to have my hand in yours again
    Jnstead of just being friends
    I should be lucky though
    You actually want to be my friend and thats a lot, considering of the things that we've been through
    I'm surprised you still want to talk to me
    Honestly I dont know what to do
    Its consuming me
    The thought of you