• prettybrowngirl_liss 5w

    Living in our purpose

    In this world that we live in today
    We're surrounded by love and hate. 
    Blinded by fear, Controlled by anger, Destined by race
    Forgetting who we are in our space.
    Searching for fame and titles 
    Forgetting our God and worshipping idols. 
    But Jesus said there's no one else.  I am the way, 
    The one true living sacrifice, the God almighty,
    The Lord of Lords, The King of Kings.
    Jehovah Jireh forever reigns, 
    Omnipotent, Miraculous. 
    Through His blood He saved us. 
    Before He formed us, He knew us. 
    We were brought forth in iniquity.
    So who are we that Jesus died for us?
    We choose to deceive the Word and burn in eternal flame.
    Then to seek your face and call out your name. 
    Lusting, greedy, filled with sin,
    Forgetting our purpose, the task at hand. 
    Remembering who we are is essential to our soul.
    Time to take a stand, Time to be bold! 
    For the world does not define us.
    But it’s Christ in us that does.
    For His mercy, He declares we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God
    That we may declare the praises of Him who called us out of the darkness into the light.
    Recognize who you are and don't take it lightly.
    Because we did nothing to deserve it , we're not worthy.
    But no matter how far you roam
    You can always return home, 
    To become His witness,
    To tell others who God is through our deeds and conviction.
    He expects us to live in this world to enlighten all creation with the Truth that vivifies.
    Let us be the ones to transform this generation,
    Staying rooted in His word and representing vividly our Lord and Savior Jesus.
    Wherever we go, in whatever we do, to let our light shine, to let Christ be seen or heard thru us.
    This world is filled with eternal chaos and doom. 
    Be courageous and stay focused on our purpose for Christ is coming soon.