• ranjan_writes 24w


    Today while I was sitting, listening to some romantinc breakup type songs, after watching a romantic movie nowhere possible in real life. Life was going well. Suddenly started thinking about some random chick saw back somewhere. A feeling of affection suddenly started to grow, turned into holy love.. Started to imagine things.. Being serious as if you are the only fucked up person remained on earth.. Started feeling that I dont deserve that girl.. Tried ..failed.. started relating every crap quotes to my life.. posting and spreading rona-dhona everyday.. start feeling depressed, talking about changes I have been through.. ugly faces who dumped me (don't know who). Talking about people having different faces.
    I don't believe in anyone, all are same.. As if someone has used me and threw me like a tissue paper and whole lot of these craps..
    And the biggest crap "You don't know me". Deep inside I too know, I have just fucked up my life for no reason.
    You are not depressed or alone or changed or something..
    You have made yourself depressed and alone.. You put yourself in such situations, get failed.. Start blamimg everyone. Stop talking to others, try to be serious thinking it looks cool..
    We are moving in an era where we try to copy those fictious craps in our real life and when we fail... we just become SHIT and start to think that I am good but the world is SHIT.