• komal_sibraan 10w

    Oh my princess
    Oh my doll
    Come closer to me
    I'll play with your soul
    You're my priority
    And I'm your world
    You used to tell me
    All these fake words
    Now I understand all your plans
    Why you'd always call me doll
    Bcoz I was just a fucking toy
    With a heart and human soul
    I don't find that it's true
    The whole world is so cruel
    I was wanted to shout loudly
    But you put your hand
    On my mouth tightly
    I tried to share my pain
    With my beautiful mom
    But she also told me
    To shut up your mouth
    The feeling of being raped
    It's that much painful
    Which I can't explain
    I thought my dad is superman
    But he slept with me
    On my bed
    No words remain to explain my pain
    Just finding a reason to sustain