• yilbat 5w

    I Love My Neighbor as Myself

    I embrace my brother, I hug my friends,
    I call my mother Queen , I honour my Dad the King
    Everyone within my circle is beset by my benovalent light
    Thus peaceful I sleep
    Cos I have kept His Rule with all my might
    Love your neighbor as yourself, He says
    I desire to uphold His word every single day
    Yet how can I do such when myself is unbeknownst to me
    All I am is all am trying not to be
    How can I do such when depression and anxiety
    Have their roots deep inside of me
    My dear Neighbor who I love is he who replenishes all I have offered
    But hastily by do I, with blinded eyes and a denouncing tongue, pass the inhabitants of the streets
    To my Father's house to bask in my Love for Him, Me and my Neighbor
    His beautifully crafted Mosaic love isn't compatible with my world
    So it i transformed into a monstrous collage with my doctrines erred within
    And to this very day I have loved my neighbor as myself, I recant when I kneel to pray
    But Father sadly smiles and whispers this isn't the way

    @ Myth