• anoop_sona 25w

    Soulmate :)

    He is obsessed with reading books anytime and any place,

    She could think of spending her day in so many other ways

    She bugs him for the story as he reaches the last page,

    He enjoys narrating the tale, longing for her gaze

    He caresses her hairs and give her the undivided attention,

    She teases him by focussing on her phone till his saturation point of irritation

    She is kind at heart and jumps at an opportunity of becoming a savior,

    He is the practical one and investigate every angle before doing a favor

    His experience has taught him to watch every step,

    She is impulsive - a firm believer in leap of faith

    Her list of friends and well-wishers is never-ending,

    His numbers are scarcer but every person is worth keeping

    He is the calmness needed in a chaotic situation,

    She is the monk everyone seek for the motivation

    Together they are strong and master of their fate,

    They are indeed the ideal definition of soulmate