• aheavysigh 6w


    I have written a lot of words--
    of anger, of sadness, of brokenness--
    of how my head is in a mess;
    of how my heart can't seem to rest.

    I have thought a thousand thoughts--
    the insecurities, the inadequacies, the negativities--
    the almosts and the uncertainties;
    the longing for a life in peace.

    All the darkness inside me
    made me forget how to be happy--
    how to write about things i love--
    for my heart was buried by hostility.

    But with you, my love,
    coming into my life
    so unexpectedly

    You make me want to write about
    how loving your eyes glow
    when they meet mine;
    how big your smile go--
    how you are so kind.

    You make me think about
    how calming everything is
    whenever you're around;
    how you are the serenity
    i once just longed for
    but now i'm glad i've found.

    You turned on a switch
    inside of me
    that i thought no one could ever find;
    a switch that brought light
    to my then gloomy mind.

    The mirthless laughs I used to force out--
    the look of indifference i once carried--
    you swept them all away
    when, in my life, you decided to stay.

    I love you.

    - FOS