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    Case Study Research :-

    The method of exploring and analyzing the life or functioning of a social or economic unit, such as a person, a family, a community, an institution, a firm or an industry is called case study method.

    The objective of case study method is to examine the factors that cause the behavioural patterns of a given unit and its relationship with the environment. The data for a study are always gathered with the purpose of tracing the natural history of a social or economic unit, and its relationship with the social or economic factors, besides the forces involved in its environment.

    Thus, a researcher conducting a study using the case study method attempts to understand the complexity of factors that are operative within a social or economic unit as an integrated totality. Burgess (Kothari, 1988) described the special significance of the case study in understanding the complex behaviour and situations in specific detail. In the context of social research, he called such data as social microscope.