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    I saw a challenge on mirakee to write a piece on what you could've done if you were a mermaid and this thought came to my mind which I'm sharing with you all.
    We are the only reason we are dying but along with ourselves we are taking these innocent creatures with us. Who dont deserve to die, who dont deserve to suffer. It's more like a hindi idiom "kare koi bhare koi".
    As we all know that even drops of water can make a mighty ocean.
    So let's take a pledge today to not throw around plastic and set ourselves as an example for upcoming generations.
    A small pledge doesnt take much all you've gotta do is throw the plastic that you use in its appropriate place and spread more awareness about it to young people.
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    If I were a mermaid

    If I were a mermaid I would have taken out the plastic bottles, cigarettes butts and fishing nets brought it to the shore and would have asked the humans to shove it in their butt.