• faeryqueen 5w

    THAT Girl...

    I’m so tired of being the responsible girl
    The quiet girl,
    The smart girl,
    The girl who works three jobs and holds them all down,
    The girl who has a 33 on the ACT and the grades to show it. 

    The “didn't think you’d like THAT music” girl
    The “didn’t think you’d wear THAT shirt” girl
    The “Since when do you watch THAT show “ girl
    The “I can’t imagine you doing THAT” girl

    Who is this consistency for? 
    (It’s certainly not for me.)
    I am not a number.
    (Or even two or three.)
    I am not a constant.
    (Is that what you want from me?)
    And you know, I don’t really buy
    That I’m just my MBTI
    Because 4 letters can’t contain
    All that’s trapped inside my brain.

    I dance to all the songs I can,
    I wear what I feel happy in,
    I watch what makes me laugh,
    And I march to the beat of my own drummer,
    The rhythm in my chest,
    Mine and mine alone.