• edge_sam 11w


    Generational hate running through our minds,
    We forgot how we once were.
    Our hearts hardened against each other,
    We now select from a particular tribe.
    Love is no longer enough to change our minds,
    Blindly we prefer it like that.
    We judge each other from the stories we hear outside, and exempt ourselves as tho we are not one Nigeria.
    Yes it is my tribe, but look deep inside.
    I have good even if my culture is not like your type
    I have Questions I ask.
    They are racist to us but do we have to be?
    Neglecting my tribe, would you help me in times of need?
    Can your son look at my daughter and say that's who I like?
    Can they get introduced and be accepted regardless of the tribe?
    We forget this is our county and we are meant to be one
    Its sad