• onemorelight 22w

    The wind howls tonight a chilling howl;
    A howl, that whispers and roars,
    that interrupts sleep, denies rest.
    In the field, the stubble of weeds bend away from its harrowing blast,
    leaning down to the ground to huddle,
    among the decaying leaves cast away.
    The placid moon cast its blue light among the branches of the trees that dance and sway celebrating.

    Tumbleweeds race bouncing and bouncing
    Spreading their seeds of spikes
    along the way, their potential met in death.

    Hardwood burns a warming glow,
    As oxygen does its work, feeding the flames
    And releasing its heat stored away.

    Drafts wriggle on the slate floor coiling..
    Blindly searching for its enemy
    Dating toward movements displacement.

    Cold cries in the wind a banshee scream.
    Voices, almost heard, titillate the mind
    listening for the wind's words of wailing..
    As the wind howls its chilling howl.