• belladoughna 9w

    Dream of Me

    i was in the dark, basking in the comfort of the chills the ambiance sent me. the atmosphere is rather warm and wasn't what i expected it to be—cold, lifeless and blank—and i would lie if i say i'm hating it with passion. the air shifted and i feel my eyes dilated, adjusting to the welcoming sight before me.

    dark and you become one
    the outcome was impossible
    it nearly made me run
    but i'm so drown,
    so fast—and if falling
    for you, would lasts?

    it was a pledge in my own bound predicament. i was nearly in my brink of sanity, thoughts of you was consuming me. they say, dark isn't forgiving and it doesn't needed saving. but if you we're my own darkness, wouldn't you be my nightmare i don't want to forget?

    from the demons in your mind