• prerna_bharty 6w

    So,basically I'm a dropper.And these words are my inner feelings.Ignore my mistakes.

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    It's very difficult to express the journey of a whole year,
    You just have to ignore all the bullshits and keep close your ears.

    You passed through many ups and downs and lot of depression,
    Only you have to do is suppress them and gain inner motivation.

    Everyone just doubt you and see as an epitome of failure,
    No one is there to understand you,they are present only for criticism.

    So many hopelessness and full of demotivating surroundings,
    You should have courage to fight and come out from these things.

    Maybe you can bloom or can fail,depends on luck,
    But you should give your best rather than giving up.

    People had always judged and will judge you entire life,
    But you can't get hurted,you should always strive.

    Life is not about one exam,it's an exalted mountain,
    You came across a lots of barriers and have to suffer from pain.