• sammiey119_sarah_p 23w

    Elaboration lvl. 1 pt. 2

    You see
    These emotional crimes
    Are: stealing hearts away,
    Or at least parts of them,
    Lying to ourselves
    About who's our love and who's not,
    Cheating by believing our own lies,
    And leaving by acting upon our own lies.
    We defy this thing called love,
    And try to distort it.
    Sometimes out of shame,
    Sometimes out of ignorance,
    But mostly out of fear.
    We try to cut our red strings
    And tie them to another.
    But these strings are unseen
    And indestructible.
    Though sometimes long and winding,
    And sometimes short and straight-forward,
    They're always there.
    Reminding you that these crimes aren't for the better,
    So you can finally see and accept
    Who you're meant to be with.
    The ones we call soul-mates.