• spirithost 5w


     The waves of radiant energy dance in the tone of a mesmerizing frequency.
    All are but waves of radiant emotion in the hearts of His creativity. 
    His divinity and His nativity, faithfully seal the set aside ones from the influence of the damned.
    You who witness This Is That, divide the circle viciously repeating in the land.Prevail over your enemies, prevail over the sorcerers delusional design.Redesign the mind entranced: Enhance the molecular mold. What more is knowledge, if knowledge is all the more?Who plays by the rules in this game of life? I suppose the actor, the mystic and the thrill-seeking kind.By mass conformity the ancient of souls is lost. By much attention, the DNA strain is contained. Even still, the individual remains cryptically insane no matter the definition of sane. 
    No matter the inherent cost. 
    No matter the retention retained.
    The choice vines precious fruit; made brighter from the shadows of night. We continually maintain the horizon; though it shifts in thought to whatever it may, to even, whatever it might. 

    Now then:
    ~:Never be unfaithful to one faithful to you. ~:Never take advantage of the one you love. While you search to fill your empty heart, you make the heart of the faithful hollow.  
    Wallow not long in your aching sorrow. Let the pain not outlast the rain.
    ~:Never ignore an inner thought, nor break the pattern of the one you know you should follow. Do not become a continual distraction, nor allow the diversion of your conscious mind.
    ~:Never pass an opportunity to be a blessing to another. ~:Never neglect to tell another just how important they really are. Do not lose your mind by submission to the mind of one greater than yourself. Your mind was not created for them to control.   
             But if you willingly relinqiush the brain, forgive yourself two-fold; for you know not what you shall do. 
    ~:Never neglect the opportunity to love someone other than yourself.
    ~:Never say never again. ~: Never doubt the seeming impossibility of the impossible. Believe in the possibility of what you do not believe. 
    ~:Never take your maker for granted: Nor believe in a tiny white lie to be right. It just might prove to become the fall of a kingdom, or worse, the end of an empire begun.
    ~:Never take the truth for granted: Nor soft-spoken wisdom for nought.
    ~:Never accuse The Creator of bringing forth disaster. You might as well cut off your own head, and call the blade your victorious master. It's like painting another color on a flower; and saying nature made it that way. Nay, dear one. But it was beautiful in its original state. Same as success, never chooses disaster. No fruit ever chooseth its fate. But each fruit is made full with its own desire to flourish. To nourish the soul willing who try .But if there is none in due time, to partake of the fruit.  
    It will repeat through the seed which it is given. As if it were a process programed to reboot. Until at last it has completed its reason of being. For this reason each fruit hath not a given end; but, each seed becomes a new fruit. Made to provide much-needed substance and sustenance to each one who eateth.  That is mankind, regardless of gender. So each of you doth come forth time and again, albeit in a much different dimension. At length until you fill the needed role in creation. Yet you will live on in a much broader conception; and, your value is in your underlying perception. Even so, your flavor is from your tasteful perspective. 
    Are you as one, that is grown to be bitter? Or,  are there any of you becoming more sweet than before? 
    Are you not truly sweet, but come off as bitter? Try not to appear as the latter for long. For you know not what it shall succeed.