• chrisrighteous 9w

    Being possessive to unrelated things is ingeniune
    Making the way straight in order to push troubles
    Aside is a big trouble
    What makes things insecure having right brain?
    Feelings caught tight and no where to escape
    The moment making and taking wonderful accords
    Spoil in no days to see bitterness
    But having virtual thoughts upto some point
    Is more than Ok
    Getting to plunge is stoppable
    Because I have great dream
    Ugh! Life would be dark when we walk in darkness
    Thinking how long we go matters!
    I know I will have dreams one or other having at least
    One, but all dreams couldn't be mine
    Evil makers, making the Satan to interfere in all our
    Works, well I found nothing in it
    But building a hope with divine vision can prove
    Who I'm tomorrow!

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