• divyariti 10w

    A Toast to New Beginnings

    Let me ask you a question
    Answer in a word not a narration
    Well, how was your New year eve?
    New plans and journeys you weaved
    And with hearty affirmations 2020 began
    Not aware that it would only drain
    In the tunnel of Lockdowns
    With Emergency in some towns
    People went from numb to aghast
    From Jan to May all in trauma and exhaust
    In staying home we were together
    For futile reasons no one gathered
    Facing Natural Havocs
    Storm, Fires and Earthquake shocks
    Rumours, terror and fake news in extreme
    Infiltrating lives with bewildered dreams
    Doctors, soldiers and civil workers
    Working online diligently, the noble teachers
    They all arose to give us hope
    So we shunned the fear holding joyful rope
    A prayer in Unity let us now make
    To move together with leap of faith
    With these new words enchanting
    Raise a Toast to New Beginnings.